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April 2020 News Letter: COVID-19 Update and a Note on Working From Home

COVID-19 Update

As we all continue to adapt to the changes that the COVID-19 outbreak has brought to our community, please know that Columbus Secure Shredding remains committed to ensuring that your sensitive and confidential material is securely transported and destroyed.

Here are a few of the changes we have implemented during this time:

  • Drop off services at our plant have been suspended until at least April 30.

  • Switching customers to an “on-call” status without penalty if locations are closed.

  • Contacting customers the day before servicing to confirm their status.

  • If we are unable to confirm the status of a location and find it has been closed two servings in a row, switching the location to an “on-call” status without penalty.

  • Drivers have been provided with PPE and are encouraged to wash hands frequently.

Please check our blog at for any updates. We thank you for your understanding during this time.

Working From Home: A Risk to Document Security

Working from home has become the new reality for many people and a necessity to “flatten the curve.” Indeed, hundreds (if not thousands) of our customer’s employees are adapting to this new reality.

These newly minted work from home employees have many things on their minds as they adapt to these changes and, unfortunately, prioritizing document security isn’t always their first instinct.

In an effort to help protect your organization, Columbus Secure Shredding wants to provide a few tips and recommendations when it comes to document security relating to work from home employees:

  • Remind employees that working from home increases the risk of lost or stolen information.

  • Only remove/print documents that are necessary to perform job functions.

  • When documents are not currently needed, have the employee return them as soon as possible.

  • Remind employees that documents that contain Personally Identifiable Information must always be protected when in use and securely destroyed when no longer needed.

  • Request a temporary secure container from CSS for your lobby so that employees can come in and quickly drop off documents in need of destruction.

As a reminder, Columbus Secure Shredding has partnered with CSR to provide data breach protection and prevention if documents are lost or stolen while in your organization’s possession. To learn more, visit

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