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Information Destruction: A Good Business Practice and One Required by Law

Did you know that proper information destruction isn't just good business practice, but also required by Utah State Law?

Utah Code 13-44-201 (the Utah Protection of Personal Information Act) states that "any person who conducts business in the state and maintains personal information shall implement and maintain reasonable procedures to: prevent unlawful use or disclosure of personal information... and destroy, or arrange for the destruction of, records containing personal information that are not to be retained by the person."

That's right - if you collect any personal information on a customer (including names, addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, social security numbers, payment information, or usernames and passwords, just to name a few), you are required by state law to ensure that your customer's personal information is properly protected when in use by your company and that it is properly destroyed when it is no longer needed.

But it doesn't end there - Section 301 of the Act states that "a person who violates this chapter's provisions is subject to a civil penalty of: no greater than $2,500 for a violation or series of violations concerning a specific consumer; and no greater than $100,000 in the aggregate for related violations concerning more than one customer."

A 2016 report from Verizon found that nearly half of all data breaches were from miscellaneous errors, insider and privileged misuse, and physical theft alone. These types of data losses are easily preventable when your organization has a sound policy for the destruction of information when it is no longer in use, and Columbus Secure Shredding is here to help you prevent potentiality data losses by providing you with a locked and secure container (or containers) that is either taken and destroyed at our secure facility or destroyed onsite with our mobile shredder.

With this in mind, the question for you and your business shouldn't be "can I afford an information destruction company?" but rather "can I afford NOT to have an information destruction company?"

Contact us today to receive a quote for our services. Not only is Columbus Secure Shredding an affordable option, but you will also be helping with our parent organization's mission to provide employment opportunities to persons with disabilities.

To start the process you can send us a message through our website or give us a call at 385-715-5393.

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