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Don't Let Your Company's Dumpster be its Downfall

Did you know that a costly lawsuit could be sitting under your desk or piled up behind your building right now?

An average employee can place hundreds, if not thousands, of pieces of sensitive customer information in their garbage can each day - and when garbage cans are collected and thrown into a dumpster for collection, your company is placing your customers at risk of having their personal information stolen.

Unfortunately, in today's day and age, you have to think like a thief. And just because you would never dive into a dumpster to harvest personal information, it doesn't mean that someone else out there wouldn't. And it is surprisingly easy to get information this way within seconds - just take a look:

Concerning - but it doesn't end there. If the data loss is linked to your company the courts may hold your businesses liable (sometimes criminally liable) for the data breach - laying down costly fines in the process. Utah Law 13-44-201 says that "Any person who conducts business in the state and maintains personal information shall implement and maintain procedures to prevent unlawful use or disclosure of personal information...and destroy, or arrange for the destruction of, records containing personal information..." So, just saying you didn't know isn't good enough in the eyes of the law.

In short - don't let a dumpster be your downfall! Give Columbus Secure Shredding a call at 385-715-5393 to make arrangements to destroy documents, hard drives, and optical media such as CDs and Flash Drives today at or above industry standards. It is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

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